Working on communication skills

So I recently went on a training called “Communicating With Tact, Diplomacy and Professionalism”

I really liked it.

So now, after 2 days in training and spending $214 in materials to improve myself, my goal is to use this blog to track my progress and at the same time share what happens in my life with this goal in mind.

As part of the goal, I need to increase my self esteem, and to make that happen I have to fight negative thoughts with positive ones. For that I need to have a list of positive thoughts (it is incredibly difficult to think of them when you have a negative thought). Per my audio book, I should have a minimum of positive thoughts (i.e. good things about myself).

So without being egocentric but already being, here we go:


1) I can be very funny when I am on my best

2) I am a smart woman

3) I fight for my goals when I really want them, and very often am able to achieve them

4) I might not have the best body in the world, but I certainly have great features, and it could always be worse

5) I can be VERY patient if I set my mind to it

6) I have a great job, if you put in perspective where I have been before

7) I might not be rich, but I certainly can afford things I like, most of the time, with a little planning

8) I can make some pretty awesome meals

9) I’m a fast thinker, which so far has proven its a feature more than a curse

10) I have come such a long way from 2 years ago, and I am proud of myself for that

11) I have the best husband in the world, and what we have been through together makes me realize we are a great team

12) I am thankful for the upbringing I had, it thought me a lot of things and helped mt through my (so far) adulthood

13) I am bubbly when I am happy, and I like bubbly people, therefore I like myself

14) I am healthy

15) I have great opportunities that a lot of people do not

16) I like my eyes and my hair (even on the bad days…)

17) I have the greatest pups in the world that love to snuggle and share love with me

18) They can be very entertaining and funny as well

19) I love my house, my space

20) I may not have a lot of friends, but the few I have totally accept me as I am



I know, I did 20 instead of 10…but I just kept thinking and it def made me feel great.


Now I will do the thought (awareness), stop (negative thought), snap (the rubber band on wrist), replace (with positive thought).


Let’s see how it works.


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